Undoubtedly, it will be cold on the mountain. It is winter, it is high altitude, it is open space, it can be windy, it can be snowing, it can have bright sun with teeth or it can be very hot. But this does not mean that I will catch a cold or even worse that I will get sick. It’s a matter of proper clothing and knowing how to dress for any occasion. So on the mountain we wear different layers so that we can put on or take off respectively so as not to sweat which is the “dangerous” of the case..Surely outside we will need waterproof pants and a jacket. The clothing is personal, only the pants are available for rent for someone who does not have his own. For someone who wants to climb the mountain once and try the SKI of course we do not advise him to buy special clothing. He will definitely have a jacket, a hat and warm underwear in his wardrobe. As well as for someone who climbs a few times during the season does not need to invest in expensive equipment. There are many financial proposals to protect yourself. How much everyone will, of course, invest in their equipment is a personal matter.

Another concern is that if I go to the mountain and there is no sun or even worse if the ski resort does not open..what will I do ??

Yes, in nature anything can happen. And indeed, on the mountain it can be snowing! Remember at this point that SKI is a snow activity … it must be snowing! Snow is not a deterrent, nor is fog. Some even like it a lot … they find it romantic! We do SKI in all conditions and all times have something to offer. Without a doubt, of course, to be fair, a day with sun and crisp snow is the best. However, even in summer … we are not all looking for that day? That does not blow and the sea is oil ?! But when we are on the island we do not pay much attention to the wind and the sea has a wave..even if it has 8 Beaufort again we find a way to enjoy our vacation..On the contrary, surfers chase the wind and when they get apnea it makes sense to they are impatient since the purpose of their vacation is surfing. However it is on vacation..there are many ways to have fun. So in the mountains, we adapt to what the day gives us and with this reasoning it is good to start our excursion. On the other hand there are forecasts..these sources of information are not always reliable as the mountain is unpredictable – even from the forecasts (!) – and the day in many cases can be very different!

And on the mountain, no, you do not get sick more than anywhere else if you take care and dress properly.