Yes, you do not miss the morning awakening on Saturdays or Sundays! Especially if you do not choose to stay somewhere near the ski resort from the previous one, you will wake up at dawn. Of course you can see it more relaxed and start late..but you will arrive late..ok, it may be enough for you! If you choose to come by your own means to the ski resort you may encounter snow on the put chains, take out chains..and instead of parking now..will you find it nearby? And I carry your SKIs..and if you have children? And your children! Now you have to get the entrance tickets for the ski resort … and if there is a queue? Sit in the queue! Pffff you are already tired of thinking … isn’t it? And you finally reach the slopes and the weather begins and ends..we caught our money, you say! And you have the whining of your friends that you dragged them into all this while you could have gone out at night..And yet you find that everyone around there on the slopes, in the chalet, in line for the lift ..children, adults, families. .everyone is happy, laughing and having fun..are they crazy ?? No, they are not crazy … not even masochists by many. All this “trouble” of waking up early, driving, putting on chains if necessary and having a short wait at the box office if you get moving, is the “journey”. For most of these “crazy” people, it’s either a way of life or a new experience! As soon as you set foot in the snow..your mood changes .. your lip pops..even if you are one of those grumblers that everything bothers them!

Definitely SKI is a morning sport {..if you are lucky you can also achieve a night SKI (!)} And you need extra care in terms of movement and equipment from other sports but it will definitely reward you no matter what type you are! The emotions it offers are incomparable. After the ski resort closes you have many options for good food, coffee, dessert, walks … and if you do not take the road back the nightlife will be unforgettable! If you are one of the lucky ones who have the convenience of everyday life and you do not like the crowds? Choose it! On weekdays everything is more comfortable and cheaper!

Let’s take the case of Parnassos. You will drive, if you do not come by ski bus day trip, 2-2.5 hours from Athens on a comfortable road network to the ski resort. Do not forget that in the mountains the weather can change easily so you should always have chains with you just in case. If you do not have equipment you will make a stop on the way to rent or if you do not want to carry it you will rent from the ski resort with the possibility of some movement. You have to weigh that. The earlier you get to the ski resort the easier it will be to park. For the tickets in some cases you can get them online or you may have purchased a season card, otherwise you will wait your turn at the box office. It would be good to avoid peak hours on weekends to avoid any movement. That’s it! Are you ready for SKI! If you need a lesson, if you have not already booked it, it would be good to book it to find the desired hours from the moment you prepare your trip, your first stop will be at the schools. You have 34 km of slopes inside the ski resort and enchanting off-piste routes to discover and enjoy SKI! You can relax by drinking your coffee, your beer or eating in one of the beautiful ski chalets! If your level in SKI does not allow you to go all the skiing with your sandals, you can take the state-of-the-art cabins for a walk and enjoy the magnificent landscape. You have until 4 p.m. to enjoy the mountain! If you decide to stay in the area, you have many options for fun or relaxation. The food is top everywhere, there are cafes and bars everywhere for all types..for chill out or for party from early afternoon..the accommodation is dreamy for all wallets..and the night life of Arachova is unique! Well? SKI is a hassle ?? A test will convince you!