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1100 Ski Lab

The Ski Lab or our magical Ski Training Track, comes from Athens to be installed in our new space in Livadi, the 1100 The Mountain Hub, and to offer everyone the joy of sliding simply and economically!

As in the city, so at the foot of Mount Parnassos, the Ski Lab continues to be the la-la-land of the beginner !! It is the ultimate tool for the first contact with the ski and its equipment, for its most methodical learning and for the guaranteed easier start in the sport..

It is definitely the most ideal way to start skiing!


  • The process is very simple..you just come to 1100 !! The requirements (..in equipment, clothing, ski pass, driving in the snow, finding parking, any waiting in lines, etc.) to start the course are ..0!
  • The studied slopes of the track in order to facilitate the beginner make the lesson easier, more efficient and therefore more enjoyable.
  • Familiarity with the equipment offered by the course at the Ski Lab and the acquisition of the 1st level of skiing already from the Ski Lab is a legacy for the first visit for mountain skiing → saving the required time on the plate (baby pist) and money!
  • It is definitely the most economical way to start skiing! The equipment is offered, there is no entrance ticket and the cost of the course is by far smaller!
  • It is methodologically the best way to start skiing as you prepare to the absolute degree for the real thing..on the mountain!

Our track has a name – Baby Bacchus – and aspires to become your first track!

  • Our suggestion for the ideal ski learning process is the following:
  • 1st stop at Baby Bacchus @ 1100 Ski Lab: where you will take your first steps in skiing up to turns with V
  • 2nd station on a baby ski slope: a small repetition of the acquired knowledge / skills from the Ski Lab
  • Progress of the educational process on the ski slopes until you become a “Safe Skier” and you can enjoy the mountain alone / safely
  • If you want more and more demanding skiing experiences, continuous improvement of your technique and therefore more enjoyment..there is only one way → continuation of courses !!

COST *per person per day


  • SKI TEST a 20′-30 ‘process in groups of 5 people where the beginner wears his equipment (ski boots) and with the guidance and help of the instructor makes his first slip with absolute safety! It tests the sense of SKI !!

10 €/person

  • SKI LESSON hour or two hours with the same methodology followed in the mountain lesson!
1 ώρα 2 ώρες
1 person 35 60
2 persons 20 35

* prices include equipment

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