Let’s look at the facts. In Greece, there are more than 10 ski resorts, from very small (= 1-2 slopes) to quite large (= 34 km, 23 slopes inside the ski resort). If you look at the map you will notice that every city in mainland Greece is close to (about 1 hour away) from a ski resort, even a small one. Ziria for example is considered for skiing as well .. but what SKI to do there? Yes, it is not for everyone. But not all SKIers are skillful! For a beginner even the view of a beautiful mountain range from a lift can meet his need for fun with a sporty hue! Of course we have bigger ski resorts than Ziria in beautiful mountains with the possibility of cultivating the Alpine SKI either as a sport or as a leisure, and in fact enough for a small country like Greece and within short driving range from our big cities! Regarding the first in the list, we would put Parnassos, Kalavrita, 3-5 Pigada, Vasilitsa, Karpenisi, Vorras, Pelion etc.

But we have ski resorts for all categories of SKIers, with a variety of slopes, with tracks and modern facilities such as those abroad ?? Yes we have. We have Parnassos, in the center of the country. It is not Troi Valee or Whistler, but it is equal to the ski resorts abroad in terms of facilities after its last renovation, it is large enough to meet the needs of any SKIer and has enough snow throughout the season. And yes, the view from all its peaks is enviable from all the mountains of the Alps together! Many foreigners now visit Parnassos and are impressed. Obviously we are not talking about those who want to do 70km a day on different slopes and go from one village to another on skis, but it is definitely a resort that can cover all levels, from a beginner to a strong SKIer as well sports needs and specifications.