The Ski Lab

How many times have you not wished to go skiing but there was always a “But ..”?

The mountain comes to town and Skiing is for everyone !! And this is no longer a slogan … but the reality!

Snowport’s Ski4All track, following its successful “protracted” stop at Smart Park, continues its course at the “Atlantis Club” in Pallini.

Young and old will be able to take your first steps on Ski just a few kilometers from your home before deciding to enjoy the true mountain experience!

Snowport Ski Lab is an innovation in skiing that aims to give others the opportunity to live ‘next door’ to this magical feeling of skiing and to prepare others to enjoy the slopes faster. in the “home” of snow sports .. the mountain!

The Snowport ski lab experience is the ultimate Ski simulation you can have … in the city!

The innovation and effectiveness of SKI LAB is:

  • in the design of the pistons: it is shaped with ideal slopes for both the first slip and the basic skiing technique!
  • in the philosophy of the most modern ski learning methodology: UPS SNOWSPORTS CONCEPT, which we have exclusively for the whole country, which achieves a gradual approach to Ski … and it’s all EASY and FUN!


At the “Atlantis Club” in Pallini (60 Agios Athanasiou Street, Anthousa, Pallini). Find us on the map.


Friday – Saturday 12.00 – 20.00, Sunday 10.30 – 18.30, During the holidays 22/12 – 7/1 weekdays 12.00 – 20.00 closing your position / course either at our secretariat or by phone at:


  • It is a unique opportunity to experience skiing without having to travel up the mountain … a stroll down Smart Park!
  • It’s fun – a game!
  • Getting in touch with the basics of skiing is simple and affordable!
  • You do not need special clothing .. you come with your ride clothes while the right equipment is waiting for you!
  • The area is completely controlled and without the “risk” of the weather that can be encountered on the mountain (the area is covered).


Ski Trial: € / trainnee

It is a 20 minute process in a group of 6 people (max), where the participant is familiar with the ski equipment and makes its first trips starting from a flat slope always under the guidance and control of the instructor.

Ski Lesson:  € /hr in groups of 5-6 trainees (max)

→Contact our secretariat for information or reservations for individual or 2-3 person courses.

The lesson takes place on the standard of the mountain course (see The School – Regular Courses). Depending on the training hours chosen by the participant acquires the basic skiing technique (Ski Stand, Basic Steps, Change of Direction, Course and Brake) and snow continuity is a game!

Make a reservation @ 6980999264