Possibly those who classify it in extreme sports have the image of SKI through snapshots that are occasionally shown on TV..they see the impressive descents on steep slopes where SKIer is as if he is doing parkour .. and of course they confuse it or they can not distinguish it from other already SKI that could indeed be categorized as exterme. Here we are talking about the Alpine SKI..a pleasant slalom on beautiful slopes inside a ski resort mainly with its many benefits. To name a few … the unique feeling of freedom that sliding gives you, contact with nature, exercise, beautiful skiing experiences with friends and much more. Is SKI a technical sport and therefore difficult? Yes it is. But do I need to become a pro to enjoy it? No it is not necessary. In fact, it is one of the few activities that do not require the acquisition of awesome skills to be able to enjoy its benefits, as a diligent SKIer enjoys. Of course, this also applies to all sports, the more you improve your technique the more you enjoy it and say what I lost so long ..?! But this is in everyone’s interest in the sport, it is not a prerequisite. Everyone, for example, can kick the ball and enjoy a football game. Of course, the better you know your ball and your teammates, the more you enjoy it. So in SKI, in contrast to tennis for example where to be able to play a simple game you necessarily need many hours of lessons. Many activities are demanding. SKI, however, is not surprising to many. Specifically, on average one needs 5 hours of lessons to be able to descend alone and safely an easy slope. That is, for someone who wants to put SKI in his life, it will cost him a full day lesson. For someone who just wants to experience the experience of sliding on sandals, one hour is enough and they will have just as much fun. And if he wants to do it even more completely, he can take his first steps in SKI from the city, in our educational track THE SKI LAB. In addition to learning the basics of SKI simply and quickly, he will become familiar with the equipment ..which no matter how we do it seems strange to a beginner..and will win his day in the mountains!