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Snowport Ski Academy Ski Bus is our new project designed to serve the desire of children aged 8-15 for training when parents / guardians for various reasons are unable to accompany them themselves.

In addition to the practical, ie the transfer, the “Ski Days with friends” participate independently in the strengthening of personal characteristics and the acquisition of new experiences!

Day trips with the Ski Bus are completely safe.

-Τα The children are accompanied by escorts – coaches , Snowport associates, throughout the day from their receipt to delivery.

– The transfer by bus to and from Parnassos Ski Center is carried out with the cooperating agency PATAKIS TRAVEL which has great and many years of experience in the ascents to and from the CCP. The children are picked up from central stations starting at 5.30 (approx.) And delivered to them at 19.00 (approx.). The itinerary and the reception / delivery times will be configured according to the participations. The Ski Bus will arrive at the CCP until 8.15 and will depart at 16.00.

-Provision for compliance with all measures against Covid-19

The training period for 2022 is 15/1 – 20/3 (see SCHEDULE), the package offered for the transfer program is that of 10 training sessions (see PACKAGES) and participants are invited to choose a workout day they prefer: Saturday or Sunday


550 € → Includes organization, transportation & amp; the diet
*includes VAT


Lunch will be taken after the end of the training (14.45-15.45) in the dining area of the Chalet of the CCP and the menu will be determined asap. In the meantime, during the break (11.15-12.00) children will have to have their own snack pack (we suggest: fruit, cereal bar or sandwiches & juice) or money to buy the corresponding offer on the spot or whatever else they want .

Collection of children from stations in Athens 5.15 – 5.45
Departure from last station (eg Kifissia) 5.45
Arrival in Parnassos Ski Center 8.15
Training Start 8.45
Pic nic meal break 11.15 – 12.00
Training End 14.00 ή 14.30
Lunch 14.45 – 15.45
Departure from Parnassos Ski Center 16.00
Arrival at first station in Athens (eg Kifisia) 18.30
Delivery of children to the stations in Athens 18.30-19.15
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