Greece is a blessed country. It has it all! As seaside as it is mountainous. Nevertheless, no one in the world has it in mind for its mountainous mass … not even us Greeks. To this day, SKI in Greece sounds like a joke to most. The first country that comes to mind when we talk about SKI is Austria. But who really knows that Greece together with Austria are the two – equally – most mountainous countries of the EU ??! And yet, it is a fact! Obviously we will not compare the two countries for their ski culture and history, neither for their ski facilities-areas, nor for their ski “brand” -product. But we will compare them for the duration of an average ski season for Alpine SKI. In Austria, therefore, the ski season begins in December, usually with the help of artificial snow, and ends in mid-April depending on the snowfall. Respectively, in Greece the season opens at the end of December, without artificial means, and ends depending on the microclimate of each mountain at the end of April. If we take into account that efforts are being made to modernize some Greek ski resorts, among others with the addition of artificial snow, the season in Greece could be further extended. As far as the season is concerned, it is obvious that we are not behind either Austria or the other countries around the world which have a similar cycle.

But, SKI in April in Greece or sometimes even in May? Yes, most of the SKIers still do not know that the snow lasts until then and even if they do, they comment .. “but then it is soup …”. Every month for SKI in Greece has its own grace in terms of snow quality. The most popular months in our country are of course the winter months .. Everyone is looking forward to the first snows of December and the joy lasts until March, as it is the season when the interest turns to the sea..Let it be that it is not all the mountain is white even if there is snow on the slopes the SKI suddenly stops being pleasant..And yet! The spring SKI in our country is unique! The usually heavier snow in the morning has many benefits for improving the technique while, for a beginner the quality of the snow is indifferent..Yes, later in the day the snow softens..and then it is probably time to combine a walk to the sea that is so close..and it is an advantage that only the Greek mountains offer!

So for those who see SKI, and specifically Alpine SKI as a means of recreation, a seasonal hobby, the season in Greece is perfect to deal with an Austrian does!

For those, whether they are Greeks, English, French, Portuguese, Canadians, or Norwegians..that..

For all those who want to work even more intensively or even competitively, the possibility of off-season glacier camps is offered, the ones closest to us those located in Europe, or in the ski resorts of the southern hemisphere, but now also in the indoor ski resorts in various European cities. All these options are related to the training goals and of course to the available annual budget. So the difference for some may just be an “air ticket” .. nothing less