“I have read about the benefits of Skiing, I have also heard from acquaintances … I think I want to start it as a family this winter! But what if I don’t like it? ”

This is a concern we often hear about! The positive predisposition is a good start..The good news is that you do not have to snow on the mountain to try what this Ski is! You can start your first steps from the city simply by taking a walk on our educational track THE SKI LAB You will come with the clothes you go for coffee and you will get the ultimate taste of Ski! There you will find everything you need from equipment and very, very economically we will introduce you to the world of Skiing. So you will easily find that your decision to start Skiing is a good idea! If you start straight from the mountain there is a small chance that you will be disappointed, and I explain .. The equipment for a beginner is a bit strange at first..maybe it seems too heavy. If you are familiar with it in a somewhat more intimate environment, you will know how to handle it when you step on the snow, without resentment. If we add to this the possibility of difficult weather conditions that you may encounter for the first time on the mountain and without having cultivated it in your mind, the probability of giving up increases. And it will be a pity, because Ski really has a lot to offer you! So by taking your first steps in SKI LAB we will fully prepare you for your smooth climb to the mountain and you will have earned money as you will need much less lessons to conquer the slopes! And Ski will have won..YOU!

So in the mountains you will need some lessons until you become a “safe” skier. If you are in a group you can do a group lesson to reduce costs see For your children there are many options for group all-day programs which are clearly more economical but also with many benefits for them.

In terms of equipment (sandals, boots, walking sticks) do not rush to buy. Because at first your improvement will be leaps and bounds and you will try to “find your footing”, rent is a better offer until you stabilize somewhere. For example, with boots you will find that as you get better and in a better position you will want to get down to number. For your clothing, you will need to procure your own. Depending on your available budget you can find from financial proposals to very expensive. You will need a ski suit (pants-jacket), isothermal, socks, gloves and balaclava. In addition, mask and helmet necessary.

Depending on the frequency with which you intend to practice your new hobby, we suggest you buy the corresponding entrance card to the ski resort. There are various options from daily, multi-day and annual. The longer it lasts, the lower the daily cost. By the same token, take care of both your equipment and your accommodation. If you are going to climb often, it may be worthwhile to rent a house with the season. Market research is needed.

Your access to the ski resort can be done either by ski bus for cheaper or by private means. You must always have snow chains with you! If you are a regular on the mountain, snow tires in the winter months will save you!

Of course, it is good to take care of your physical condition in order to enjoy the Ski more without “grips” and possible injuries due to “exercise” or self-excess!

Skiing if you do it often will become a way of life. You will wake up early to win the day but at first this along with moving can seem tedious. Remember that everything needs an adjustment! If it is again a hobby for you that you will do sparsely, you will find that this fatigue that you may feel is will fill you up and give you wonderful experiences!

Whenever you choose to include Ski in your life, it will be a good decision! As for HOW, we will be happy to help you!