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Ski Academy Packets

Family Packet:

Each member of the same family receives a 10% discount on all packages selected


For the 8 & 10 training packages the day of your choice should be set (Saturday or Sunday) *, while the 12 training packages ≤ are flexi, ie no participation day option is required (Saturday or Sunday).

* There is the possibility of replacing the selection day for health reasons or something extraordinary for 2 times during the operation of the Academy.

50% deposit with registration 

Payment in full with the start of operation of the Academy.In case the participant does not complete the selected trainings for his own reasons, the amount is not refundable or transferred for another period. 

The minimum package for the SPORTS TEAM section is set at 10 training sessions.

* applies to those who wish to take part in games of the category Boys-Girls, for their -minimum- most appropriate preparation.

In case of cancellation of the participation before the start of the program, the deposit of 50% is withheld.

It is possible to change the selected package with a longer one during the season, with a 10% surcharge on the cost of the initial selection package and payment of the financial difference of the packages. Whatever discount is set, it remains.

Alternatively, each additional day of training from the completion of the selected package is worth 50 €

In case of lockdown in the period before the start of the program, the total amount paid will be refunded, while in a corresponding case during the operation of the program, refunds will be made:

-For flexi packets, in proportion to the percentage of the program that has been implemented. That is, in case of implementation of 15 training sessions (5 training sessions left) 20% of the money will be refunded.

– For the packets 0f:

  • 8 training sessions, 1/8 will be returned
  • 10 training sessions, will be returned 2/10

The last day of the training period, apart from a training day and a celebration, from this year will also be a day of evaluation of the children and awarding of the respective Flake. Therefore, please plan your ascents accordingly and include this data for the selection of your training package! 

Packages Prices
8 Training Sessions 300 €
10 Training Sessions 360 €
12 Training Sessions 420 €
15 Training Sessions 500 €
18  Training Sessions 600 €

*** Prices are subject to VAT.

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