1100 Mount Bar
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*Equipment for participating in activities and programs is private.

Necessary Equipment Quantity
Ski paddles – Button 1 pair
Helmet 1
Ski Uniform 1
Extra Isothermal 1
Goggles 1
Full Face 2
Caplet 1
Gloves 1
Sunscreen protection for face and lips 1
Backpack with personal equipment, water, pic nic meal


To the above due to Covid-19 are added:

        • Face mask/hygiene, surgical or cloth * 2
        • Hand sanitizer

1100 Ski Rental & Shop

Snowport’s shop!

Για ενοικίαση με τη σεζόν, ρωτήστε μας!!

Tip:  We advise our beginner friends to opt for a yearly rental or multi-day rental (depending on your selected training package) with the option of switching to equipment. The main reason is that their technical improvement will be quick at this stage and therefore will not last long. And our little buddies in development will need equipment upgrades as they grow and evolve into skiing.

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