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Registrations at the Ski Academy

Please, fill in the following forms and send them to the email address of SNOWPORT, sofia@snowport.gr, for the attention of the Head of the Ski Academy Sofia Kompou, with your full details in order to facilitate us in completing the register of participants for the year 2022-23. Please inform us of any change in your details, so that we can be contacted at the same email address.

Snowport uses the information you have provided to us exclusively to contact you and to provide information, special offers and material regarding the services it provides via e-mail. Your data is always used with respect.


  1. For the registration of a minor, it is mandatory to sign a Responsible Declaration of consent for his registration, by his guardian.
  2. The selected training package is individual and is not transferred to another person.
  3. You certify the good health of your protected member, after a doctor’s examination, which makes him / her able to participate in Sports Programs. It is the responsibility of the members to inform the Head of the Academy and the coaches of Snowport about any medical problems they may have.
  4. Despite strict safety rules, the professional training of trainers and the choice of safer routes, outdoor activities carry the risk of accidents and exposure to the weather. Participation in them presupposes the awareness and acceptance of these possibilities. Individual safety measures and appropriate clothing (eg helmet, mask, sunscreen, etc.) are the responsibility of each participant.
  5. Participants in the program must comply with all the instructions of the coaches during the training.
  6. Participants must comply with the hygiene rules and all recommended EODY measures for protection against Covid-19.
  7. The guardians approve and accept any photo or video coverage of the activity for informational / advertising purposes.

In order for the registration to be valid you must:

  • Fill in the Registration Form by the guardian.
  • The deposit is sent, indicating the name of the participant in the payment receipt, * In case of cancellation of the participation before the start of the program, 50% deposit is withheld. ** Proven serious health reasons are excluded.
  • Provide a Medical Certificate for the fitness of the child to exercise and that he does not suffer from anything that would make his participation in the sports activities of the program dangerous or a signed Responsible Statement of the guardian stating the above. * If there are restrictions on exercise or allergies or medication that follows, they should be noted.
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