Myths and Ski

Greeks love summer ..they will easily take their buckets and go to the beach .. In winter though; Brr cold! After all, what can he do in the cold ?! Nevertheless, they do love snow as well .. it is a far image.. from a postcard .. that beautifies and warms their souls.. With the first chance of snowing in cities, everyone rushes to play become kids! Snow is the only reason for Greeks to get out of their shell on cold days of the year and play in nature as they do during summer at sea. But why does he not put it in his life ..? Does he ignore that Greece is blessed to have so many mountains around the cities where they live? In summer they all go for swimming.. in winter, why do they not ski respectively ?? Do they ignore the fact that snow sports are also cultivated in Greece? Maybe because these sports are considered as games of the rich and a hobby of social prestige .. ?? There are many myths .. Snow education is missing..this is true. No one has ever told us about winter holidays..not about our mountains as a tourist destination, nor about the pure joy offered by the contact with the snow and the “sliding” on skis, nor about the variety of options offered, nor for how easy it is to enjoy them .. ..and yes in the snow we can also play with our buckets! It is a matter of getting acquainted, becoming a habit, and training, that is, of proper equipment. And yes, for some of us it is fashion and lifestyle..and where is the negative in it ?? How does this prevent one with low budget from having just as much fun? Isn’t that so in our lives? We enjoy something as we can and want!

More on the mountain, everything coexists so harmoniously!

The feeling on the skis..of sliding .. is unique! Everyone must experience it even once! And you will certainly not break your legs if you have the basic responsibility to yourself and those around you to seek the help of experts! Yes, it will cost something..but make a gift to yourself..even is worth it! be continued! One myth a day for the following 12!