Are you a parent of young children but also a skier? Do you enjoy family vacation in the mountains but in order to enjoy a descent with your spouse you must also have a “mother-in-law”? How would it feel to be able to ski without having to worry about your kids having fun? Snowport’s Child Care is a new service for you who want it all!

The mountain is known to be especially suited for family vacations and city breaks with quality time for those we love! But many times when children are young the activity-family relationship is disproportionate .. and the reason is simply that there are no services that will allow you to enjoy the mountain together and without children!

Snowport’s child care has come to meet the needs of skier / snowboarder parents who have children 2-4 years old who cannot yet join a ski or snowboard program, providing a full 3-hour fun experience for kids every weekend at Parnassos Ski Resort!

The Snowport Employment Service is signed by Snowport under the guidance of qualified and experienced educators.

Excellent teacher / child ratio

Creative activity with games – activities on snow & skis!!

WHERE? Position of Fterolaka of the Parnassos Ski Resort, at the base of 10 – left. Point of reference the flag of Snowport!

WHEN? Every weekend 10.00 – 12.30 & 12.30 – 15.00

COST: €40 / child / day

RESERVATIONS: on the Snowport reservation phone 6945622940 (Weekdays) & 6942233032 (Saturday/Sunday)