And yet Greece has SKI athletes and in fact at a good level. Of course, less than other sports and even fewer in higher categories e.g. AGEN.

Globally, we are not really high in the Alpine Sports, although those Greeks who are advanced are at a competitive level. We would say that the issue is not only economic because all sports have financial requirements at the championship level but more generally in Greece, due to our educational structure … generally the requirements of the Panhellenic, where most children stop their athletic course early. Simply, in skiing this is more obvious as the volume of athletes is not comparable to other sports such as. athletics or swimming where the chances of being distinguished are higher. Certainly the lack of skiing education in Greece does not help to further develop this wonderful sport.

Some of the advantages of Alpine SKI as a sport is that the athlete as a child, enters the racing philosophy very smoothly, having fun with his team in the snow in essence, since training at the door is like a game for him and as a continuation of the most « children’s “training. The images and experiences he gains from travel, competitions and the training process are supplies for him for the rest of his life. He learns from an early age to be independent, organized, disciplined, not to be afraid, and to make strong friendships … bonds of life. He can be found training next to idols of the sport, something rare for other sports. The annual budget as it goes up categories can be increased but it will never be required an X amount to go up a class as is done e.g. at football. In SKI you move forward with your points, which have been won with your value and your performance. There is no age limit for your athletic run as much as your soul says. You will probably not become a professional athlete in Greece..this is a very difficult achievement..but you will definitely have professional rehabilitation if you want it even as a good extra income, as a SKI teacher or as a coach. Even if your other choices take you away from the mountain you will always come back to enjoy it! And that profit is. Especially the children of the neighboring areas in ski resorts should invest in SKI as in one way or another SKI supports the local community and therefore concerns their future.