Does your friend do gymnastics or do you teach English to your child? Probably not. You probably turn to an expert when you want to learn something. The reason is not only that you do not have the time to deal with but because you admit that you do not have the appropriate knowledge – essential and didactic – nor the required pedagogy. So what is the difference in SKI? Just because you know SKI does not mean that you can show it. And in the SKI course there is methodology, kinesiology, transmissibility is important and you need experience to correct or prevent some movement that will cause injury. The number 1 ingredient of success for the lesson is the instructor to inspire confidence so that the student first eliminates the fear he usually has. Having fear the student may become aggressive or hesitant. So friction is common when there is a special relationship between the two.
How many couples we have not seen leave fighting! How many frowning children and indignant parents! A SKI specialist, however, has a way of “softening” the student, but the student does not start reactively … he accepts the “foreigner” more easily. Either because he is ashamed he is more receptive to commands and so there is a result or because he recognizes him as a teacher he lowers the communication wall. Everyone has their role and this is how we deal with is a dad and not a teacher, the partner, the friend and so on. Even if you think you can actually teach your girlfriend to do SKI because you are so good why risk your day in the mountains? You came to the mountain to rejoice and not to leave fighting or for the hospital .. You are also thinking about the issue of would be nice to save some..But think that you have spent an X amount to go up will change your budget dramatically a lesson..on the contrary it will ensure that you will have a good and safe time. If this is the first and only time … this gift is worth it to yourself. If it is the beginning of your new hobby it is necessary. So you leave your friends, your children in the hands of the experts and very soon you will be able to enjoy the slopes together!