Although it is an unpleasant feeling, fear is a protection mechanism against dangerous situations. Fear is common in a novice skier. It is normal for a beginner to be scared when he sees a mountain in front of him that he thinks will go down … from the first moment! But is skiing a dangerous situation? No! In skiing the learning process is very smooth, so by acquiring skills the novice skier also gains confidence. If he chooses to “stay” with the initial fear in order to avoid the unpleasant feelings that he assumes he will experience, he will lose a wonderful activity from his life for no reason!

But are fear and phobia the same thing? No it is not. When a fear is excessive and irrational and lasts even when the person is not in contact with the phobic stimulus, this is phobia.

More specifically, height phobia has to do with experiencing intense and irrational fear when the person is even somewhere that is not considered very high and especially when called upon to look down. For the practice of skiing it means that the person will be in high places, both in the lift and being on a slope. However, if one excludes some places where the scenery can cause awe even to someone who does not have such phobias … in every ski there are slopes with a smooth slope and this is the field of “action” for anyone who is not yet familiar!

Phobias are a kind of disease and fortunately there are cures! A good approach is exposure therapy in which the person gradually comes in contact with the phobic stimulus, aiming to disconnect from what is causing it. A good start would be to see photos and videos of ski resorts (skiing for beginners, lift lifts, etc.) before visiting anyone. He can also visit our training track in Athens, THE SKI LAB https://www.snowport.gr/the-ski-lab/, as a first contact with the sport, something that will completely help eliminate any fear. Gradual contact with the object and everything related to it will help it eliminate the reasons for its avoidance. Of course, if he tries to slip on the mountain he should seek the help of a specialist and not do it alone because it will aggravate his condition. The course of course should be one2one and the role of the instructor is absolutely important. Either it will “keep” him on the mountain or the opportunity will be lost forever.

We as Snowport, had the pleasure to help our students in this direction who are now unhappy that they managed to overcome their phobia … and of course they have become fanatical skiers! So, they rejoice in the benefits of the mountain and this activity that has such a positive effect on their lives!