Indeed, if your SKI is an SK of the season, it is very likely that the children will get out of their schedule out of longing or the stress of waiting for such a nice trip not to prepare their lessons for Monday. .Or they can do it more easily because that may be their condition or external motivation. Whatever it is at its worst, it will happen once … let them be justified for something that is worth so much! However, we observe that children who are involved in SKI regularly or are SKI athletes, are very methodical in their reading. They have a specific and systematic program to be consistent in all their responsibilities, both school and sports, and in fact this helps them to be good students. It is no coincidence that the majority of SKI athletes succeed in being admitted to the School of their choice and have a successful professional career afterwards. On the one hand, the dimension of sports in terms of victories and defeats empowers children and gives them life supplies and on the other hand this discipline that they have to dedicate X time for each of their obligations becomes a way of life. The fact that on Saturday morning e.g. and on Sunday they are in their coaching obligations does not mean that they do not devote 2 hours for their reading in the afternoon. Equally, the program is strict and perhaps tougher than children who constantly live in the same environment of their home. Relaxation through sports is both physical and mental health and helps to focus on the goal. There are of course the other children..the ones who find it difficult to read and look for excuses to avoid it..This would happen in any environment. Growing up, social “obligations” and contacts with whatever risk entails this increase. On the contrary, in the SKI environment this is very controlled and thus avoids in a way the so-called “bad intercourse”. All in all, SKI is probably a good investment for their lives and this is shown by many examples of SKI athletes!