Indeed, if you put it all down..SKI has its costs in relation to other sports such as football … because of course it is not only the activity of SKI that we have to is also the movement and the food and possibly and accommodation.

However, in the summer we will go on vacation somewhere … and they do not have their expenses?

There are options, however, depending on the available wallets. to go to an island with the conventional ferry without a car, our tent and cook ourselves and we can go to the same place having booked a room in the most lux hotel and eat lobster spaghetti every day in the most expensive restaurant and have a chauffeur. So in SKI..Fortunately we have options!

We can make a day trip with a ski bus, having our breakfast with us and we can stay in the most luxurious chalet all inclusive .. and this every SK!

As for the SKI activity itself, you will need an entry card for skiing, equipment and optional training if you are a beginner * in our opinion the training should be in the plans of the beginner and for the safety of himself and those around him but also for not to be educated. And here there are options!

For more economical, someone can be organized who will climb the mountain 1-2 times a season in groups and achieve significant discounts on all the mentioned expenses.

On the other hand, a regular SKIer can again make the choices that his pocket allows! That is, climbing by ski bus, accommodation in low budget accommodation, purchase of an annual entrance card to the CC, annual rental of equipment or purchase of a used one, if he has children and wants to include them in the sport, enroll in an Academy and so on. Yes, there is also the Elite..that one wants the most expensive services ..and this does not only apply to SKI..and it does well and wants them because it can!

But here, in the SKI one is interested in these financial contradictions..neither one gets in a difficult position because two or three worlds meet..because everyone is here to be happy! So every average person is able even once in his life to feel the joy of a skiing experience in one way or another … as long as he wants it!