If you have not stepped on the snow until the 80’s you will probably not learn SKI..although SKI is not old if you are familiar with it and of course you do not face mobility restrictions. SKI can be started from the moment one walks up to any age one wants. There are many examples of why parents start doing SKI in their 30s and 40s with their children and can continue to practice it until old age. It is wonderful the spectacle of elderly groups or couples who instead of going to backgammon enjoy their day on the slopes..and of course there is time for backgammon if they want..with a break in the chalet! How wonderful is the sight of little bombshells making their first slips in the snow! They can take an individual lesson of course in a playful form or enroll in a group program. SNOWKIDZ Ideal for someone who wants to approach SKI in sports, it is good to start around 5 and then join an Academy, see

Because SKI is a technical sport, the more kilometers on SKI the better..not that a child could not do it athletically if he starts later, but with more effort to fill the gap compared to his teammates. Even at 25 to enter the sport there are categories and competitions that could satisfy his desire for a SKI competition. SKI as a hobby is an ideal casual or family activity. The unprecedented joy of the contact with the snow, the laughter and the fun that the whole process of the excursion offers in total, rewards everyone..from 3 to 103!