Elite Ski Technique Camp

Snowport brings to Greece the top coach and creator of UPS SNOWSPORTS CONCEPT, the Slovenian Sandi Murovec – “Muri”, for a 4-day camp dedicated to the modern technique of WORLD CUP athletes.

During this camp participants will have the opportunity to work intensively in the field of technique and reap the benefits of UPS SNOWSPORTS CONCEPT.

That’s exactly what Tina Maze did before conquering the OVERALL WORLD CUP in 2013 with a scoring record!

Target Audience

“THE EDGE” Elite Ski Technique Camp addresses 3 categories:

-Ski athletes (over the age of 12)

This off-season is most appropriate for all athletes interested in developing their technique at the highest level. In this camp they will have the unique opportunity to meet and learn from a world-class personality, Tina Maze’s technical demonstrator!

– Teachers – coaches

All teachers – coaches who want to raise their level of skill and / or want to know the key elements of modern technique from one of the leading of the kind can participate in the camp.

In this way, as they develop their technique, they will be able to prepare for the certification camps to follow and target those who want to join the more innovative UPS SNOWSPORTS CONCEPT system to develop their professional horizons.

– Skier with a good level of skiing

Any skier who has developed his technique to a good level and wants to get to the secrets of the angle (THE EGE!) And dynamic racing technique has the perfect opportunity through this camp. With a tool, the UPS will be able to get to what it has been trying for years!


– Theoretical analysis – presentation of the top skiing techniques and why UPS is the best tool to approach it: the case of Tina Maze
– Free skiing training (with special UPS skis and slalom skis) <
– Gates training (with special UPS skis and slalom skis) <
– Individual video analysis

Muri himself will be in charge of the camp activities and will work with Papaioannou Alexandros, who is the MASTER INSTRUCTOR of UPS for Greece.

All participants at the end of the camp will receive:

All training videos as well as individual reports by Muri
The original DVD of the movie “THE EDGE” featuring UPS
UPS commemorative products

Analytical program

Monday 6/4 – Afternoon

Lecture: world cup technique via UPS – the Tina Maze case

Tuesday 7/4 – Morning: Basic UPS Exercises with 90cm and 125cm Special Sandals

– Afternoon: individual video analysis

Wednesday 8/4 – Morning: UPS Basic Exercises with 90cm and 125cm Special Sandals

Adaptation of technical improvements to sl skis

Introduction to UPS shoe engraving

– Afternoon: individual video analysis

Thursday 9/4 – Morning: Engraving SL (use of UPS pads and slalom)

– Afternoon: individual video analysis

Camp completion

What you need to have with you

Slalom or equivalent beam Skis

Who is Sandi Murovec – “Muri”

Muri is a very important figure in the alpine skiing of our time and certainly one of the best technical demonstrators. He is the creator of the UPS SNOWSPORTS CONCEPT teaching system, the most innovative of which is currently teaching skiing.

Having worked around the world “showing off” his elite skiing technique, he reached the climax, helping to refine Tina Maze’s technique.

More information can be found at the following link:



It is a comprehensive skiing teaching system ranging from beginner to professional athlete.

Information – bookings

Seats are limited – 14 in total

Contact tel: 6936710476 – Papaioannou Alexandros