UPS Premium Courses Ski right, Ski safely

Want to learn skiing in the easiest, fastest and most fun way? Are you advanced and trying to improve quickly and effectively? The UPS course is what you are looking for!

UPS Courses

The global innovation in ski teaching comes to Greece from Snowport and guarantees unique results! This is a complete system suitable from beginner to athlete!
The revolutionary teaching system of Slovenian champion and Olympic champion (Sochi 2014) Tina Maze is ready to take off skiing in our country. The result of years of experience and research by its creator, Sandi Murovec, is a system that teaches skiing
  • easy
  • fast
  • enjoyable
  • precision-oriented

With the use of a progressively increasing ski length and a simple but highly intelligent and targeted exercise methodology, it replaces traditional time-consuming methods and provides immediate results with complete safety.

The course is individually or in groups and is for adults. You can choose the plan that suits you best or make your own program together. We are waiting for you to take off your ski!

UPS Lessons Cost

1 hr 2 hrs 3 hrs 4 hrs
1 trainee 50 € 90 € 125 € 150 €
2 trainees 35 € 65 € 85 € 100 €
3 trainees 30 € 55 € 75 € 85 €
4 trainees 25 € 45 € 60 € 75 €


*prices / trainee and weekday

*special ski equipment included!