Are you just a beginner or want to develop your technique and enjoy your favorite hobby safely? Choose the best plan for you!

Regular Course

Beginners or advanced, individually or in groups, young or old, come together to create the package that suits you, arm yourself well and enjoy the unique experience of skiing and snowboarding! all ski schools across the country as well as with a dedicated, specialized and innovative ski practice.




Lessons Cost

*cost per trainee and day

1 hr 2 hrs 3 hrs 4 hrs
1 trainee 50 90 130 170
2 trainees 35 60 80 100
3 trainees 30 50 70 85
4 trainees 25 40 60 70

*5 € off when lessons are combined with equipment rental (set) from 1100 Ski Rental & Shop and is available for weekdays Mon-Fri except Holidays & Half Term periods. Lessons payment is made  in our shop.

Full Day (6 hrs)
1 trainee 2 trainees 3 trainees 4 trainees
280€ 170€ 130€ 115€


Hours 10 (1hr/day) 20 (2hrs/day) 30 (3hrs/day)
450 850 1250
*packages are personal and prepaid

5-7 trainees: 20€ /trainee/hr (1 – 2 hrs), 17€ /trainee/hr (3 – 4 hrs)

Please contact us for groups over 20 trainees

Important Notice

Grouping in any course other than individual is exclusively by the school based on the level and age of the participants, in order to ensure the efficiency and safety of education.


* Choose your level of skiing based on the description below. We advise you to try the level that is most relevant to you without overestimating or not submitting your skills. Although it may not be possible to change instructor or team if we find during the course that the placement is not correct, it would be better to make the right choice from the beginning.


The levels for children have been determined based on the Ecole du Ski Francais (ESF) and for adults based on the Union des Centers Sportifs de Plein Air (UCPA).

The level of the Beginners is common.


No previous skiing experience or minimal.

3-4 years old

Target: familiarization with the equipment, sliding with the skis in a playful way to get the feeling of slipping. Our instructors help the children to make their first contact with skiing more fun.

5 years and older

Target: familiarization-acquaintance with the equipment, teaching the brake and then the stoves with V on a track with a slight slope, green track.


Your child can stop by, snow plough on green slopes and make V-turns on green slopes.


  • descent with 4-5 turns with V, ideally with “obstacles” (mini slalom)
  • ability to do downhill straight with parallel skiing and turning with V


  • knows the equipment
  • can put on-take off skiing alone
  • can make use of beginners lift
  • can have speed control following e.g. a train


Your child can take a high chair, make snowplow turns on blue slopes and has been introduced to parallel skiing.


  • descent with 7-8 turns with V and on the traverse with parallel skis
  • dynamic balance (hopping on ski, one-legged skiing and shifts, cross-country skiing)


  • speed control with snowplough turns
  • parallel skis between turns facing opposite or the fall line
  • balance
  • ability to slow down, stop and start again


Your child can ski easily on gentle slopes and parallel skiing has been perfected.


  • to make large turns with derailment / sliding on a medium slope track
  • can be pulled and transfer its weight to the entrance of the turn


  • to do slalom side slipping taking into account the slope of the track, snow conditions and other skiers
  • dynamic balance on a medium slope track


Your child turns with parallel skis on blue and red slopes with ease, controls speed and can ski on a black track.


  • to make 10 sharp (short) turns with parallel skis
  • to ski on a track with bumps
  • to move on level with skating


  • makes good quality turns with parallel skis
  • dynamic balance as well on difficult terrain
  • makes round turns


Your child can make small and large turns with parallel skis and handle skis comfortably on all terrains.


  • to make 10 turns inside doors / set up slalom track on medium slope track
  • introduction of technical data once the parallel ski has been conquered
  • can stop with side stop while speed has increased in a straight descent on a medium slope track


  • can make even more closed turns with parallel skiing while at the same time can be adapted to the surrounding circumstances
  • balance in a racing position on different terrains


Your child learns technique (carv) and turns quickly on all tracks and on all terrains.


  • can make 20 turns on doors / set path, non-timed, with pace changes
  • can ski on bumps on any track


  • Improving the skiing technique while reducing sliding on the turn
  • adaptation everywhere


Skiing on all slopes, on all terrains and can train at doors (timed route).


  • can pass a small GS with time. Time should not be more than 50% of the open face.


  • Conquering alpine skiing
  • Non stop descent in all snow, weather, obstacles and respect the traffic code.



You can slide green and some blue tracks  with confidence. You have started to control your speed, your skis and your direction. You have entered the parallel and you start to connect turns with a parallel ski.


You can manage your speed and control your skis on gentle slopes / blue slopes. You can go down red slopes when they are well paved but you have difficulty when there are moguls. You start skiing on some black slopes. You are in the process of perfecting the technique, you know how to position your body, you are able to deal with bumps and steep slopes and you learn to ski in difficult conditions. You can connect parallel turns with confidence.


You can ski with confidence on any kind of slope, even if you feel less comfortable on difficult slopes (moguls, ice, powder). You can do technical skiing on well-paved slopes, however you find it difficult to do technical skiing on steep slopes or on slopes with irregularities and in difficult snow conditions. You can customize your technique and make small and big turns where needed. You have started off-pist and are learning the technique.


Your experience allows you to adapt your technique to all situations and you can ski the whole mountain with excellent technique [steep slopes, moguls, different types of snow and terrain]. You are relaxed and comfortable off the track in difficult conditions.