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Many times you want to go off the track and you don’t know how? Have you ever been in a difficult terrain and don’t know how to manage it? Have you ever toured the beautiful slopes of our mountain? Snowport offers all skiers in the ICA a chance to get another level of skiing as well as enjoy the mountain

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SNOWKIDZ PARK Are you a parent of young children but also a skier? Do you enjoy family vacation in the mountains but in order to enjoy a descent with your spouse you must also have a “mother-in-law”? How would it feel to be able to ski without having to worry about your kids having fun? Snowport’s Child Care is a

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Snowboard Training

Snowboard Training Camps Training camps, the best way to develop the technique! Continuous “slip” days is definitely a factor in improving whether you are a beginner or advanced. The camps are delivered either on predetermined dates or on demand at the Snowport headquarters – Parnassos Ski Resort, overseas skiing and off-season glaciers. Stay tuned for related posts or contact us

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